Isabell Jackson




Elisabeth Jackson  Age: 19 relaship: Loving

David Jackson Daddy age: 39 years old reliaship: Happy and Loving

Paulina Jackson Momma age: 36 years old relaship: Loving

Danuel Jackson age: 5 relaship: Sweet
  • Isabell going on the train
  • Grumpy isabell
  • Elisbeth Age: 5

Janet Jackson Grandmother age: 76 relaship: Cute

Henry Jackson Grandfather age: 78 relaship: Nicely




She was born in a loving but poor farming family, she lived five years of her life getting ready for the hunger games by shotting with bow and arrows. She grew up in a cute little house that only had one room for 8 people and you know they manged that? By cuddling next to each other and cramping next to each out on there little tiny deck they had. Oh and Isabell grew up with TONS of chores and homework [ she was home schooled so HOMEwork is litterly home-work].  Her daddy taught her how to read and write becuase he taught the rich snobby kids.  So, when she was 13 years she was chosen to the hunger games


Bow and Airow


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