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Indigo Davian large
Member of District 4
Biographical Information
Status Alive, Single, 17
Date of Birth Unknown
Nicknames Indie
Location District 4
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Skin White
Family Information
Parents Delia Davian
Richard Davian
Siblings Lily
Half-Siblings None
Step-Siblings None
Grandparents Unknown
Aunts and Uncles Unknown
Cousins Unkown
Other None
Affiliation Herself, District 4
Home District 4


Born to two fishers, she grew up with a natural skill of fishing and swimming. She had a little sister, Lily. Her life was fairly normall. However, her family was poor, and she took tereasse every year. Eventually, at 16, her family were to scared to let her go to the reaping. They kept her at home. But the peacekeeper's found out. They killed her parent's. She pleaded with them, said she had wanted to go. They decided to let her and her sister off, if they went to next year's reaping. She said yes. She was devistated at the loss of her family. She was alone, with no one left. Only a 12 year old sister.


She's very shy, and normally hides from everyone. She's very smart, and never really fights. She loves swimming.


Strength: 3 Intelligence:8 Charisma: 6 Skill:8


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